Session 0

On The Red Dawn

The Red Dawn is a merchant ship, owned by Captain Gregory Heinz. It has been contracted by Lazlo Cain to cart both First and Second Company soldiers to New Kenthia. The ship holds approximately 24 mercenaries of various skills, and has a crew of around 20. The players meet up on the ship, and realized that they have worked together in the past. They also befriend Aydan Roi, a Lifecrafter who has also signed on with Lazlo. After leaving their last port, they sail near one of the twelve great Pillars of Tranquility, which help the green sea remain calm, but the ship does little more than pass by.

To help with idleness, the mercenaries are offered the opportunity to do work while on bored (and be compensated for their efforts). While Lux and Corran take the Captain up on his offer, Einar instead attempts to befriend him with ale.  Unfortunately, Einar isn’t very charming, nor was his ale that good; the captain is social, but ultimately disinterested. Einar’s best simply isn’t very interesting. Meanwhile, Corran, with his enhanced night-vision, is assigned to the crows-nest to keep watch for approaching ships, and Lux helps out making stew for the crew.

Two nights before they reach port, the captain receives word that a ship, bearing Imperial markings, is following behind. He rushes to the deck, and the characters are left wondering. Corran takes it upon himself to follow behind, to see what’s going on. Einar, worried that whatever is happening is connected to him, grows eager to get out of sight. He convinces Corran to stash him in the crow’s nest.

Lux meanwhile talks directly to the captain, discovers that the captain is looking to conceal an artifact from prying eyes. He is willing to stall while Lux works the alchemy to brew a potion of invisibility (UNDETECTABLE, ONE-DAY). The size of the item makes this an easy potion. Even so, she barely succeeds. She is working only with low quality materials.

In the meantime, Corran and Einar (after overhearing the bit about the artifact), go to locate Aydan, who is still in the mess area, reading from a strange, very old, completely indecipherable tome. He explains that it has been in the Roi family for 600 years but no one has made any headway in figuring it out. Corran and Einar attempt to steal it, and then ask to read it, but neither can decipher it.

Einar finally goes directly to the captain and offers his assistance. The captain orders him to get the mercenaries up on deck. Unfortunately, Einar has no ability to lead, and the rabble do not follow. He attempts to persuade them with violence, head butting a drunk man who confronts him. Violence, however, does little to improve the mood. He attempts to bully the next mercenary, and ends up in a stand-off with a man with a sword. Aydan and Corran arrive just in time, and Aydan is able to convince the mercenaries to get up on deck.

The Imperial vessel “Armada” catches the Red Dawn, and Lux is able to render the item invisible just in time. The captain orders the box to be hidden, orders that the vessel is stopped, and allows the Imperial agents to come on board. It turns out the Imperials are seeking an individual who attempted to destroy the great Pillar the ship had passed earlier. The Imperials bring on a seeker who is able to peer into people’s minds, seeking for their secrets. The seeker is patient, and does well, but loses his cool when Lux distracts him with a poorly thrown bucket. Angry, he orders Lux to be taken away. His mood shattered, the seeker is unable to find the saboteur. Only Lux is sure of who it is, and she’s not telling.

Frustrated, the Imperials depart, and the captain, happy that his artifact wasn’t lost, takes Einar up on his offer, and drinking ensues.

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